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Santa Catarina convention: AniVenture!

Journal Entry: Mon May 25, 2015, 10:23 PM

Hi, people! How're ya doing? I'm... well. I kinda like don't speak about it. But, well, let's talk about what matters: let's talk about AniVenture!!!

The truth is I had always wanted to go to this convention, but never had the chance. Untill this year. Me, plus some friends (as in Asakawa, MoVampie and Atahualpa) went to the con, because REASONS. To make things better, we had Lilithy with us, as she was having a speech at the con ;) So much love ♥

Sooooo, I was super ansious, dying to see what the con would offer and get there as soon as possible. I decided to finish my Arcade Sona cosplay one week before the con and even make a skit (which I don't know if I'll share anywhere). I made everything in a hurry and thanks to Chisame, everything was ready at time (mainly the Sona etwahl, that was the prop that got me more worried)

So, after packing everything in a really big box, meet Monica at the airport (and even almost going to the wrong airport...), to travel about forty minutes praying that my etwahl would get in one piece at Navegantes City, keep myself shut in the taxi because I just hate talking with taxi drivers (yep, I let them speaking alone), check-in at the hotel, go to Subway to have dinner......................... The great day has come.

We woke up kinda early to get to the place at a reasonable hour and get to the cosplay show at time. We had breakfast at a local bakery near the con place and I have discovered ChocoLeite, a chocolate milk beverage that was made by the Ancient Gods and put on Santa Catarina; beverage that I'll miss forever. We walked to the con and everything went pretty fine. We put our cosplays -- She as Sylia Stingray, from Bubblegum Crisis and me as Koto from YuYu Hakusho. Lotsa people didn't recognize me, but some others did and took pictures!! I also discovered that my boot capes REALLY do work, I just have to get them fixed to the place. Well.

The con is lovely. Really! Even being with a really deep (?) cleveage (I... well... lost some weight, so the costume is kinda... baggy and falling) no one had being unrespectful and people even clapped when I went to the stage and had complimented my costume! (really, if this isn't love, I don't know what it is). After, I took some pics with my cosplay group, enjoyed the con and tryed to make some quests (and failed D:). So, when this day of the con ended, we all went to a pizza place called Dinossauro (Dinosaur in portuguese), where everything was Dino-themed. They even had a dinosaur plushie hanging on the ceiling!!!

Well, saturday ending, I had recorded my skit audio and had tried to edit my skit until my computer gone low and...............................  I FORGOT THE SOURCE AT HOME. See, I live in Sao Paulo, a place kinda far from Santa Catarina, and........ WELL. I've saved what I got done and them asked Asakawa to save me, and as she is a really good and wonderful friend, she had lended me her laptop and I finished the skit there.



So I put the cosplay, got some things fixed with the help of the best waifu-husbando-staff-MakoChan MoVampie, walked through the con with my etwahl (ok, somethimes Mo walked with it for me) and lotsa people asked for pics \o/! I featured on some cosplay videos and I was even a part of Asakawa's speech about girl safety on cons, hehe. I walked a little more in the con, took some pics, make my skit. I didn't win a thing (duh) and even if it was pretty funny I'm really sad with things and don't want to put my feet on stage ever again.

But, in general, what did I think about the con? It was AWESOME!!! Really! The place was fine and the people were incredible. Of course seeing friends from far away and meeting some other awesome people was 10/10 (and even meeting one of my favorite webcelebs, hahaah), but the con organization and staff were super cool. Some things got late? Yes, they did. Did I like to be carrying the etwahl during more time than necessary just because? No, I didn't, but on a con this cool and funny, I think this is a little detail inside a myriad of cool things. :)

So, I just can say that my travel was REALLY WORTH IT, even if I had lost my bank magnetic card and even a T-shirt (!!!), some sleep hours and even more from my dignity. What I have won was so much important that these unfortunate events can not make the things less incredible :)

And 2016 get ready, because I'll be back (probably as Aladdin... And Papillon)

If you want to see some pictures people took from me at the con, you can click on the link below (or wait for me to upload the pictures here...)

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